Malaysian Alumni Inspire Students at Sign Language Workshop

By Amirah Sukurdin, YES 2010-2011, Malaysia
On April 17, Benny Tim (YES’08), Tay Jia Hui (YES ’12), Amirah Sukurdin (YES ’11) and Priscilla Abel (YES ’14) were invited to give a talk during the Project X Camp: Unleash the Spark Within You, which was organized by Kolej Kediaman 12, University Malaya. Since the Malaysia YES Program sends hearing impaired students to go on the program, most of our alumni know basic sign language, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to teach other students as well. 
Project X aims to inspire students to reach their maximum potential (hence Unleash the Spark Within You), and encourage and enlighten the importance of English usage to high school students.
We started the day by introducing ourselves to the 30 students from SMK Mahang, Kedah. We explained that we are returnees of the YES Program, and gave a brief history of the program, as well as what we do as alumni of the YES Program. We also explained what AFS Yayasan Antarabudaya Malaysia is all about and promoted the exchange programs and scholarship opportunities of these programs.

Benny, a deaf YES alumnus, took charge of the whole workshop. He played a slideshow with pictures of basic signs for words like time, day, month, transport and family. After the introduction, we divided the students into 6 groups and asked them to make a few sentences using the signs they learned. Then, they presented and the other groups had to guess what they were signing.

This sign language workshop was a small step in our initiative to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing community. If each Malaysian knows basic sign language, it will be a lot easier to communicate with hearing impaired people and daily life will be better. 
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Deaf people can do anything except hear - Malaysia and Indiana

Good job them ! Two students from Malaysia was aboard to Indiana School Deaf in the USA for making a deaf film in 14 days. The title is Deaf people can do anything except hear.

Field Trip USA 2

Hello everyone!!!

It is launch on 8TV at 2130 at October 28,2011. Don't miss it.. ya!!
The four deaf of students will be share with us about their experience in the USA.
But Qi will be interview 8 exchange of the students from Malaysia in the USA.. Furthermore that, he will be interview Rodderick about his experiencing in Indiana, USA.

Hope a viewer will be enjoy to watch Field Trip USA 2 programme on 8TV.

In 2008, The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur supported 8TV of Malaysia in their production of a television series focused on Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Malaysian exchange students in the United States -- and showcasing the culture and history of the United States. Season 1 was a resounding success and filming for season 2 2011 will begin shortly! Stay Tuned!

ADPT 2011

ADAPT is AFS Deaf Awareness Project, we are doing promote to the sign language for the communication tool and able to sign with the hearing impaired who is not able to speak as well.

We are doing flashmob ADAPT 2011, and good team working for showing ADPT. Since we have hard working for practice dancing and learning Malaysia sign language (BIM), they are hearing participated, want to learn sign language.

After that they have learnt basic sign language and are quite understand deaf community in Malaysia. They are enjoying to Malaysia Sign Language for singing with sign and also dancing at the performance.

We thanked Taylor College,Subang, and KLCC park for allowing us practice in there. In conclusion that we are big thanked to Ecurve shopping mall for our real performance.

We have made this video on YouTube. You may watch this video